Wood County Paupers' Cemetery

Cemetery History

The Pauper Cemetery was a part of the Wood County Poor Farm, or Infirmary. Funded by the County, it operated from 1869 to 1971, lending solace and care to the poor, elderly, mentally and physically disabled, and the unfortunate. By 1971, the purpose of the poor farm had been dispersed into what we know today as the Wood County Nursing Home, or WoodHaven, WoodLane for the developmentally disabled, the Sheriff’s office, the Wood County Health Department, and other county agencies on what is now known as the Gypsy Lane Complex. The 200-acre property, still owned and managed by the Wood County Commissioners, contains these county offices and the Wood County Historical Center & Museum.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered a 272-word speech to honor the men killed at the Battle of Gettysburg:

“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”

The people buried in the cemetery were considered paupers, but these people have stories - they lived in our community and, for whatever reason, they needed assistance, and met their end under the jurisdiction of county managed public charity.

People buried in this cemetery were from England, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Canada, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland, and France.

People buried in this cemetery migrated to Wood County from New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa, and Texas.

People buried in this cemetery traveled from other Ohio counties to Wood County. Those people came from Morrow County, Seneca County, Hardin County, Putnam County, Henry County, and Monroe County.

People buried in this cemetery came to Wood County from other Ohio cities: Toledo, Maumee, Rockport, Lorain, Freeport, Marblehead, Akron, Norwalk, Cincinnati, Wooster, and Canton.

People buried in this cemetery were farm laborers, Civil War widows, oil workers, blacksmiths, housewives and domestics, tramps, a butcher, a peddler, a shoemaker, a glassworker, a tool grinder, a boilermaker, a machinist, a painter, a stave cutter, a ditcher, a farmer, a fireman, a harness maker, a pressman, and a steeplejack.

People buried in this cemetery were different races, different religions, young and old, married, some were already widowed and buried apart from their spouse, and some of the people buried in this cemetery had children. Some cemetery residents never lived at the county home. An unfortunate event perpetuated their death and circumstance required a pauper’s grave.

Interred in the Paupers' Cemetery:

*252 confirmed as of April 2019

Jacob Ames
Catherine Andelfinger
William Anderson
John Archer
William Arundell
Ernest Asham
Slef Audred
William Babcock
Mike Baczewski
Jerry Bair
Elias Baldwin
Fred Baris
Reuben M. Baker
John Bart
Paul Bartek
James Beam
Margaret A. Bean
Joseph Beck
George Bice
William C. Blue
Amanda Boland
William Boley
Andy Bors
Robert Boyd
Owen Brady
John Bressler
Richard Brinkerhoff
Charles Brown
Charles Cappell
John Carney
William Carroll
Harry Clark
Lydia Collins
Owen Conaway
George Conklin
Charles S. Cook
Earhart Cook
Jane Cook
Victor Cook
Chester Cooper
Addison Coyer
James Cross
Ralph Crosson
Rebecca Crosson
John Cunningham
Lydia Ann Cupp
John T. Dalzell
Andrew Dart
John A. Davis
Abner Deckerman
Arthur DeCoster
William Delp
Henry Delph
May Derby
William Drout
William Duchom
Jacob B. Dull
Paul Famaj
Sidney M. Fitzpatrick
Sarah Fletcher
Peter Freolich
Tony Gabo
Infant Gates
James Genoff
Frank Gibanski
Nick Gillason
Albert Gones
Thomas Goodale
Christian Goodyear
Angeline Grant
Julius Green
Lillian Grundy
Frank Hacket
Kate Hammersmith
Eugene Hanson
Lewis Harms
Margaret Harr
Thomas Harrington
James Harris
John Harris
Louis Harris
Henry Hartje
James Haynes
William H. Heath
John Heber
Minnie Heckert
John Helms
John N. Hettinger
Frank Howard
Theodore A. Hudson
Calvin Huffman
Taylor Huffman
David Hunt
Harriet Ingraham
Julius Irvin
Joe Jarvaska
Margaret Jarvis
Charles Johnson
Lewis Jones
Rosa Jones
Jacob Kaut
James H. Kehoe
Joseph Kennedy
John King
Edward Kinker
Joseph Kiser
Myrtie D. Knauss
Lizzie Koenig
John Kovach
Phillip Lacron
Rosa Lashaway
Charles H. Lasure
Elizabeth Leech
Sarah Legron
Phillip Lehr
Frank Leonhardt
Fred Lind
Charles G. Lyons
Marion R. Lyons
Fred Manzech
George Mathias
Martin V. Mathias
Jacob Maura
James McAllister
Edward McCoy
Murray McDonald

Dennis McGinley
Joseph McKenzie
Florence McMahan
Karl Merkal
Leonard Meyers
Adolph Miller
Lewis Miller
Ludwig Miller
Lula Miller
Charlotte Mitchell
Levi Mohler
Tom Morris
Arthur P. Moore
John Murphy
Daniel Musser
Colonel G. Myers
Joseph F. Myers
Leonard Myers
Celia Neil
William C. Ney
William K. Ney
Clara Nye
Naomi O’ Neil
Mary Olds
Joseph Orso
Frank Osterek
Edwin H. Parker
Abraham Peck
Samuel E. Pelton
Ernest Pember
Patrick Pendergrass
Hannah Perrin
Kate Peterson
Melissa Phifer
Jonathan Phillips
Hiram Pheonix
William Pigeon
Sarah Pitcher
Infant Price
William J. Rainsberger
Frank Rakavan
George Ramsey
Barney Rest
Frank Reyome
Mary Elizabeth Rhoads
John Richards
William Richards
George W. Richmond
Timothy Riley
Alex Robinson
John Rosin
John Rudd
Elizabeth Ruff
Henry Runyon
John Runyon
Frank Savoy
Charley Schmidt
Samuel Schreiner
Louis Schwover
Infant Seco
William Segar
Fred Seifert
John W. Schaffer
Charles Shaw
Hannah E. Shaw
Frank Sherman
Alice Simonds
Victor A. Skiles
James Slater
Benjamin Slocum
Edward Smith
Mike Smith
Thomas Smith
John Smolarek
George Snyder
Andrew Stamoer
Lee Starkley
Joseph W. Sterritte
Joseph Stevens
Louis H. Stewart
R.C. Stuter
Adolph Swartz
Ella Swartz
Jacob Switzer
Nick Tedaroff
Isaac Thompson
John Thompson
Mary A. Timons
Pedro Travino
Rebecca Trinner
Milo Traux
Frank Trudewind
Albert J. Tucker
Unknown, May 25, 1916
Unknown, July 14, 1921
Unknown, July 6, 1930
Unknown, May 24, 1931
Unknown, Sept 28, 1931
Unknown, June 11, 1932
Unknown, Dec 26, 1936
Unknown, April 27, 1940
Unknown, Jan 2, 1941
Edgar Van Brunt
Andy W. Varson
Henry Venthournout
Leopold G. Verla
John H. Wagner
Benjamin F. Wagoner
Charley Walters
Lizzie Warren
Joe Waxcol
Joseph Weaver
John Weber
Harry Weckman
Tom Welsh
Thomas Welsh
Charles Westfall
Henry Wiggins
George Woodard
W.E. Woodruff, 1918
W.E. Woodruff, 1925
Lloyd Wrock
Robert Young
Peter Zanoff
Tony Zebrackistowzy