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The first Living History Day program was held on August 29, 2004

  • The concept was initiated by Lolita Guthrie, who was the president of the Wood County Genealogical Society and on the committee for the Bowling Green Sesquicentennial. Lolita organized an “advisory group” interested in local history to develop a program to portray local persons interred in Oak Grove Cemetery. This group consisted of Dorsey & Kay Sergent, Ann Householder, and the late Joan Gordon.

    From the very beginning, the Committee wanted to realize several goals:

    • To relate history of the town
    • To promote and preserve our heritage
    • To learn about those buried in Oak Grove
    • To promote the cemetery

    Ironically, the first Living History Day was NOT held in Oak Grove, but rather the atrium of the Wood County Library due to rain. It has been held in Oak Grove ever since.

    By year 3, the program grew to include Wood County cemeteries. By year 13, the program “theme” started to match the museum’s feature exhibit for that year: Collections, WWI, and in 2018, Leisure Time. The program now features honoreees that made a notable impact on Wood County at some point in their lives.


    Cemeteries of honorees have included:

    • Beaver Creek (Grand Rapids OH, Wood County)
    • Bloom Chapel (Wood County OH)
    • Bradner (Bradner OH, Wood County)
    • Chestnut Grove (Bradner OH, Sandusky County)
    • Eisenhour (Pemberville OH, Wood County)
    • Ft. Meigs (Perrysburg OH, Wood County)
    • Jerry City (Jerry City OH, Wood County)
    • McComb Union (McComb OH, Hancock County)
    • Mount Zion (Beavercreek OH, Greene County)
    • Oak Grove (Bowling Green OH, Wood County)
    • Old Maplewood (North Baltimore OH, Wood County)
    • St. Patrick (Toledo OH, Lucas County)
    • Tontogany (Tontogany OH, Wood County)
    • Troy Township (Luckey OH, Wood County)
    • Union Hill (Bowling Green OH, Wood County)
    • Weaver (Bairdstown OH, Wood County)
    • Webster (Scotch Ridge OH, Wood County)
    • Weston (Weston OH, Wood County)
    • Wood County Memorial Gardens (Bowling Green OH, Wood County)
    • Wood County Paupers' Cemetery (Wood County Historical Center)




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    Malinda Swanson Agler, portrayed by Rebecca White-Schooner, 2007
    Catherine Andelfinger, portrayed by September Killy, 2019
    Ellen Cornelia Kelly Aultman, portrayed by Barbara Rothrock, 2006
    Ray Dudley Avery, portrayed by Terry Witt (grand-daughter), 2017

    Jessie A. Pultz Bechstein, portrayed by Nadine Bechstein Musser, 2007
    John H. Bechstein, portrayed by Carl Dierksheide, 2007
    James Belleville, portrayed by Mike Belleville, 2012
    Etta Eliza Hunt Bigelow, portrayed by Sara Bushong, 2014
    Jack Harvey Bigelow, portrayed by Ryan Holley, 2014
    John Marcus Bigelow, portrayed by Brian Bushong, 2014
    Virginia "Fritzie" Bigelow Hartman, portrayed by Delaine Adams, 2014
    George Bise, portrayed by Tom Edge, 2019
    Mina Tyson Bishop, portrayed by Ila Banbury, 2006
    Solon L. Boughton, portrayed by Joe Terry, 2004
    Rev. John Born, portrayed by Daniel G. Beaudoin, 2015
    Elmer Bowers, portrayed by William Shuler, 2006
    Bobbie Bradley, portrayed by Garold Bradley, 2014
    Annie Lottie (Farmer) Brandeberry, portrayed by Felicia Konrad, 2015
    Frank Brandeberry, portrayed by Jeremy Bevard (2015), Keith Guion (2019)
    Sidney Brewster portrayed by Steve Speck, 2011
    Joel Wynn Brigham, portrayed by Dan Glenn, 2007
    Orma Schauweker Brigham, portrayed by Kim Glenn Thomas, 2007
    Lt. Wilson W. Brown, portrayed by Rob Morgan, 2006

    Jeremiah Carter , portrayed by Jerry Loomis, 2007
    Myron Case, portrayed by Randy Brown, 2005
    Ralph H. "Zibe" Castner, portrayed by Tom Brokamp, 2006
    George D. Chase, portrayed by Jim Myers, 2014
    J. Russell Coffey, portrayed by Richard Edwards, 2010
    Minniebelle Conley, portrayed by Joan Gordon, 2004
    Guadalupe Cortez, portrayed by Reynaldo Cortez, 2013
    Naomi DeSelms Cox, portrayed by Mary Ellen Pratt, 2015
    Elizabeth Fry Crawford, portrayed by Julie Seen, 2011
    Lloyd Creps, portrayed by John Creps, 2015
    Samuel John Croft portrayed by Caleb Reynolds, 2011
    Charlie Crusa, portrayed by Daniel Hergert, 2019

    Merl "Pete" Dauterman, portrayed by Donald Coppes, 2009
    Marciene Amos Dauterman, portrayed by Ruth Pierce, 2009
    Leonard Davis, portrayed by William Sherman, 2008
    Hildreth Deck Wood Eggleston, portrayed by Kay Hanneman, 2013
    J.F. Deck, portrayed by Kraig Hanneman, 2013
    Samuel DeWese, portrayed by Dan Billings, 2013
    Ella Dishong, portrayed by Nancy Buchanan, 2016
    Troas Adams Dunn, portrayed by Judy Reynolds, 2008

    Dr. Adam Eddmon, portrayed by Dale David, 2013
    Walter Henry Eisenhour, portrayed by Jack Eisenhour, 2010

    Edwin Farmer, portrayed by John Eschedor, 2005
    Lyle R. Fletcher, portrayed by Ed Danziger, 2005
    Carroll Frank, portrayed by Joshua Frank, 2009
    Homer Frank, portrayed by David Creps, 2009
    Albert Froney, portrayed by Dale M. Bruning, 2008
    Lizzie Fuller, portrayed by Stephanie Truman, 2018
    Paul Fuller, portrayed by Thomas Edge, 2018

    Carl M. "Shorty" Galliher, portrayed by Gary Spencer, 2006
    Nellie Garner, portrayed by Kathy Costic, 2012
    Raymond T. George, portrayed by Cleve Patton, 2018
    Sarah Morse Gorrill, portrayed by Ellin Stoots, 2007

    Jerry Hagerty, portrayed by Zack Robb, 2016
    Charlotte Catherine "Katie" Hahn Waggoner, portrayed by Karina Hahn-Claydon, 2014
    Adeline Halleck, portrayed by Deena Halleck, 2005
    Eliza Hampton, portrayed by Ann Bowers, 2006
    John R. Hankey, portrayed by Eric Honneffer, 2005
    Myrna Reece Hanna, portrayed by Caryl Hanna McCormick, 2004
    Dr. Albert C. Henry, portrayed by Thomas Boltz, 2010
    Francisco Chavez Hernandez, portrayed by Carlos Calderon, 2013
    Nellie Brown Powell Holdgraf, portrayed by Charlene Avery, 2010
    Floyd Frederick (Fred) Householder, portrayed by Craig Householder, 2004
    John W. Huber, portrayed by Gene Roe, 2009
    Rose Greiner Hunter, portrayed by Ethel Green, 2009
    Peggy Hurst, portrayed by Dana Nemeth, 2013


    Paul Jones, portrayed by Tim Brown, 2012
    William C. Jordan, portrayed by Dorsey Sergent, 2005
    Pearl Disel June, portrayed by Suzi Saunders, 2004

    Betty Riggs Kiebler, portrayed by Rae Thomson, 2010
    Alex Klever, portrayed by Tom Bamburowski, 2005
    Merle W. Klotz, portrayed by Eric Klotz, 2004
    Wallace Kramp, portrayed by Michael Ginnetti, 2018

    Dominick Labino, portrayed by Keith Guion, 2016
    Jonathan & Addie Ladd, portrayed by Peter Fry & Elizabeth Geer-Fry, 2017
    Juanita Bronson Leathers, portrayed by Lori Tretter, 2010
    Park Leathers, Sr., portrayed by Park Leathers, Jr., 2010
    Sally Legron, portrayed by Cassie Greenlee, 2019
    Margaret Lehmann, portrayed by Cassie Greenlee, 2017
    Joseph C. Lincoln, portrayed by John Dimick, 2005
    Nettie Lincoln, portrayed by Dinah Vincent, 2018
    Levi Loomis, portrayed by Peter Kuebeck, 2011
    Sally & Lyle Loomis, portrayed by Keith & Wendy Guion, 2015
    Milo Lybarger, portrayed by Tom Pendleton, 2017

    Lt. Col. Arnold McMahan, portrayed by Eric Reynolds, 2011
    Arthur Moore, portrayed by Geoff Howes, 2019
    Edwin L. Moseley, portrayed by Leo A. Schifferli, 2004
    Harry Murlin, portrayed by Patrick Crowley , 2007

    Ethel Nelson, portrayed by Joyce Johnson, 2012
    George Nelson, portrayed by Durrell Johnson, 2012
    Ernest Nietzke, portrayed by Andy Sattler, 2007


    Laura Borger Yohe Poe, portrayed by Ruth Steele, 2009
    Bruce C. Pratt, portrayed by Bruce Pratt IV, 2004
    Fred. Pratt, portrayed by Douglas Pratt, 2015
    Ruth Putnam, portrayed by Donna Schuerman, 2012


    Frank Rakovan, portrayed by Bob Midden, 2019
    John K. (Jack) Raney, portrayed by David Chilson, 2004
    Nellie A. Repass, portrayed by Christie Weininger Raber, 2005
    Mary Elizabeth Rhodes, portrayed by Kelly Wolbert, 2019
    Margaret O'Carroll Rider, portrayed by Mary Brandemerry, 2008
    Shorty Rittenhouse, portrayed by Larry Rittenhouse, 2005
    Rebecca Wells Ross, portrayed by Nadine Edwards, 2010

    Frederick Schaller, portrayed by Krisopher Swartz, 2011
    Gladys Schult, portrayed by Kathy East, 2015
    Floy & Earl Shaffer, portrayed by Mary Dennis & Bob Midden, 2016
    Caroline Miller Spoerl, portrayed by Jodi Moughmamian, 2008
    Benjamin Stone, portrayed by Pat Mahood, 2008
    Mary M. Fast Stove , portrayed by Alyce Walden, 2011

    Simon Thomas, portrayed by Rev. Davis Booth, 2007
    Nancy Phillips Brewster Truman portrayed by Patti Speck, 2011
    Margareta "Maggie" Tyson portrayed by Shelley Lee, 2011

    Dorothy Uber Bryan, portrayed by Katherine Hollingsworth, daughter, 2016
    Frederick W. Uhlman, Sr., portrayed by Larry Nader, 2008
    Grace Millikin Uhlman, portrayed by Gail Nader, 2008

    Isaac Van Tassel II, portrayed by Allen Kepke, 2006
    Martha Martindale Van Tassel, portrayed by Joyce Kepke, 2006
    Mary Maurer VonKanel, Elise VonKanel Stove, Carrie Von Kanel, portrayed by Jan Larson, Anna Erfman, Alexia Larson, 2008

    Ernest Walter, portrayed by David Stoots, 2018
    Viola Walter, portrayed by Ellin Stoots, 2018
    Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Walters, portrayed by Darlene Mauk, 2014
    Elliott Warner portrayed by Dylan Benschoter, 2012
    Liberty Warner portrayed by Garrett Benschoter, 2012
    Gerogia Sargent Waugh, portrayed by Michele Raine, 2018
    Lloyd Weddell, portrayed by Bob Willman, son-in-law, 2016
    John C. Wooster , portrayed by John Quinn, 2004
    Vernon Wymer, portrayed by Hunter Wyler (great-great nephew), 2017

    X, Y, Z
    John H. Yohe, portrayed by Samuel Yohe, 2009
    "Young Man", portrayed by Bob Walters, 2019
    Blanche Muir Zeigler, portrayed by Virginia Meister, 2009
    Harvey James Zeigler, portrayed by James Swigart, 2009



    If you would like to participate as a researcher or portrayer, please call the Museum at 419-352-0967.



    HONOREES by event date


    2019 [return to top of page]

    From 1904-1949, Frank served as the Superintendent of the Wood County Infirmary. In 2019, Frank served as the emcee for Living History Day. portrayed by Keith Guion

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by September Killy

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Cassie Greelee

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Daniel Hergert

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Bob Walters

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Tom Edge

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Kelly Wolbert

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Geoff Howes

    (BD-DD), Wood County Pauper Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    portrayed by Bob Midden


    2018 [return to top of page]

    (1889-1930), Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    Raymond had a passion for music, and was the Conductor of the First Methodist Church Orchestra and a member of the Bowling Green Military Band. portrayed by Cleve Patton

    (1863-1947), Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    A southern socialite, member of the Shakespeare Round Table, and notable landscape artist. Nettie was born in the south in 1863 but transplanted to Bowling Green where she became a local socialite until her death in 1947. She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery alongside her husband, Dr. Joseph Lincoln. portrayed by Dinah Vincent

    (1907-1999), Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    Paul was an award-winning advertising manager for the Sentinel-Tribune, but locally dubbed a collaborator of the Bowling Green Marriage Mill. portrayed by Thomas Edge

    (1857-1940), Beaver Creek Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Ohio
    As part of the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement in Grand Rapids, helped lead raids on the local speakeasies during Prohibition. portrayed by Stephanie Truman

    Ernest born August 22, 1908, died July 2, 1973. Viola born December 21, 1913, died January 25, 1992. Both are buried in New Maplewood Cemetery, North Baltimore, Ohio
    Owners of the Virginia Motion Picture Theatre, North Baltimore Ohio, 1936-1959. portrayed by David & Ellin Stoots

    (1893-1952), Plain Township Cemetery, Wood County, Ohio
    This local farmer, with a community of his friends, was the catalyst for what may have been the first local Depression-era penny auction. portrayed by Michael Ginnetti

    (1891-1974), Greenwood Cemetery, Canton, Illinois
    The leader of the Kitchen Kazoo Orchestra of the Portage Township homemakers. portrayed by Michele Raine. Kazoo Orchestra: Ginger Barson, Pam Bechtel, Joyce Coutinho, Mary Dennis, Nancy Eames, Jean Geist, Judy Powell, and Debra Nicholson


    2017 [return to top of page]

    (1886-1958) Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    Ray was a Bowling Green native who began practicing law in Wood County in the early twentieth century. He served in Bowling Green’s Company H and was elected Captain in 1916. He served for nine months in the Mexican Border War of 1916, then served in France during the Argonne Campaign. portrayed by Terry Witt, grand-daughter

    JONATHAN (1863-1930) ADDIE (1864-1944), Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Bradner, Ohio
    Jonathan was very civic minded. He was a school teacher and lawyer, and was elected Prosecuting Attorney for Wood County. He married Addie Jennings, and together they had ten children - three girls and seven boys - five of whom served in WWI. portrayed by Peter Fry

    Addie Jennings was the daughter of a Civil War veteran. She married Jonathan Ladd and together had ten children, five of whom served in WWI. Their son, Paul, was killed in action and is buried in Meuse-Argonne Cemetery in France. Addie visited his grave during her Gold Star Mother’s tour. portrayed by Elizabeth Geer-Fry

    (1875-1954) Oak Grove Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio
    Margaret was born in Bowling Green. In 1914, she was in charge of the Visiting Nurses in Philadelphia and was recruited by the American Red Cross to help lead a contingent of nurses to Europe at the start of what would become World War I. After the war, she taught first aid and home care at the Bowling Green Normal College. portrayed by Cassie Greenlee

    (1868-1936) Tontogany Cemetery, Tontogany, Ohio
    Milo was a prominent farm auctioneer in Bowling Green. His son, Charles Clinton, was a Private in the American Expeditionary Forces and was killed in WWI with the sinking of the USS Ticonderoga. portrayed by Tom Pendleton

    (1868-1936) Tontogany Cemetery, Tontogany, Ohio
    Vernon Wymer, a Private in Bowling Green’s Company H, was the first Wood County serviceman to die in combat in WWI. He was killed during the Second Battle of the Marne in France in 1918 at only 18 years of age. He is buried beside his brother who was later killed in WWII.
    portrayed by Hunter Wymer


    2016 [return to top of page]


    (1909-1987) St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lucas County
    Dominick’s interest in glass started while working for Owens-Illinois. He went on to obtain hundreds of patents in the glass industry. In the 1960s, he started teaching glass-making workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art, and built his own glass studio in Grand Rapids. His pieces, with signature color effects, remain highly sought after by collectors around the world.
    portrayed by Keith Guion

    (1924-2001) Oak Grove Cemetery, Wood County
    A Bowling Green native, Dorothy and her husband settled in her hometown after they married in 1943. After raising her three children, she took art classes at BGSU and began showing her paintings. She is best known for her “The Chemo Paintings” series, created during her struggle with cancer. Dorothy and her husband, Ashel, were philanthropists and patrons of the arts, with an art gallery and music hall named after them on BGSU’s campus.
    portrayed by Katherine Hollingsworth,
    daughter of Dorothy Bryan

    (1866-1948) McComb Union Cemetery, Hancock County
    Ella lived on a farm in Jackson Township with her family. When her family moved to Minnesota, she married Uriah Dishong and settled in Hoytville. Together, they opened a general store, which remained open until 1957. Many of the original items from the store by that time had become antiques.
    portrayed by Nancy Buchanan

    (1916-1991) Troy Township Cemetery, Wood County
    Lloyd spent most of his life in the Luckey area. At an early age, he started whittling and woodworking. He went on to hand carve fiddles and figurines, such as ducks, fish, crosses and other items, many of which are still collected by local enthusiasts of his work.
    portrayed by Bob Willman, son-in-law of Lloyd Weddell
    Read more about Lloyd Weddell from the Luckey Historical Society Troy Township Notables Bio

    (1901-1999) Webster Township Cemetery, Wood County
    Over the years, Jerry worked for several Wood County meat companies, and would search for good fields to hunt Indian relics on his delivery runs. Toy After he retired, he served as the first caretaker of the Wood County Historical Center and Museum. portrayed by Zack Robb

    FLOY SHAFFER (1923-1997)
    & EARL SHAFFER (1914-2008)
    Cremains remain in the possession of the family
    Floy met Earl when he was hired as a teacher at her mother’s school in Upper Sandusky. They settled in Bowling Green in the 1950s. Earl was a high school chemistry teacher at Bowling Green High School and also collected toy trains. Floy studied ceramics at Bowling Green State University and was an award-winning nationally known ceramicist whose work was featured several times in Ceramics Monthly. portrayed by Mary Dennis & Bob Midden


    2015 [return to top of page]


    (1904-1981) Ft. Meigs Cemetery.
    Fred Pratt was a farmer, township trustee, county commissioner, and a member of several organizations. He was instrumental in having the County Home transformed into the Wood County Historical Museum. portrayed by Douglas Pratt, son of Fred Pratt, 2015

    (1863-1933) Fort Meigs Cemetery.
    Rev. John Born served his entire ministry, 1887-1933, at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Stony Ridge. He was born in Sobernheim Kries Kruznach, Prussia. Since his congregation was of German ancestry, there were some troubled times during World War I. portrayed by Daniel G. Beaudoin, pastor St. Johns Lutheran Church, Stony Ridge, 2015

    (1878-1957) Weaver Cemetery.
    Lottie’s parents, Edwin and Charlotte (Tyrrell) Farmer, were the Wood County Infirmary Superintendent and Matron. She grew up at the Infirmary, married Infirmary laborer Frank Brandeberry, and took over the running of the Infirmary in 1904. portrayed by Felicia Konrad, great-great niece of Lottie & Frank Brandeberry, 2015

    (1875-1953) Weaver Cemetery.
    Originally from Hancock County, Frank came to work as a laborer at the Wood County Infirmary where he met Lottie Farmer, daughter of Edwin and Charlotte (Tyrrell) Farmer, who were the Infirmary Superintendent and Matron. Frank and Lottie married in 1902, and upon her father’s death, took over the running of the Infirmary in 1904. Frank and Lottie ran the Infirmary for 45 years and retired in 1949. portrayed by Jeremy Bevard, 2015

    (1909-2007) Union Hill Cemetery. With determination to provide education for her disabled son in the mid-1950s, Gladys Rice Schult spent 20 years teaching and was instrumental in the establishment of Wood Lane School, Wood Lane Industries, and group homes in Wood County. portrayed by Kathy East, 2015

    Oak Grove Cemetery.
    Lyle’s ministry career took them to Ohio and Indiana before retiring to the farm house of Sally’s youth. In 2001, Carter Farm was donated to the Wood County Park District, now a working educational farm. portrayed by Keith & Wendy Guion, 2015
    BEST OF LIVING HISTORY 2016 portrayed by Keith & Wendy Guion

    (1855-1938) Union Hill Cemetery.
    Naomi was a faithful member of the United Brethren Church for 48 years and active in the Women’s Missionary Society and other church organizations. Friendly and kind, she was a loving wife, mother, and teacher. Her journals from 1911-1937 give an account of daily farm life in Wood County, and are in the Wood County Historical Society collection. portrayed by Mary Ellen Pratt, 2015

    (1910-2006) Wood County Memorial Gardens
    Lloyd Creps was a dairy farmer in Bowling Green and was asked to plant the air strips for “Bricker Field” at the Wood County Airport. He started the work in the late 1930s with a team of horses and was paid with a crop of wheat, allowing him to buy a tractor. portrayed by John Creps, son of Lloyd Creps, 2015


    2014 [return to top of page]


    JOHN MARCUS BIGELOW (1860-1936). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Brian Bushong, of the BG Area Community Band, 2014.

    ETTA ELIZA HUNT BIGELOW (1874-1961). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Sara Bushong, of the BG Area Community Band, 2014.

    VIRGINIA "FRITZIE" BIGELOW HARTMAN (1911-2001). Buried in Fountain Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Delaine Adams, past member of the BG Area Community Band, 2014.

    JACK HARVEY BIGELOW (1893-1977). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Ryan Holley, of the BG Area Community Band, 2014.

    GEORGE D. CHASE (1842-1928). Buried in Maplewood Cemetery. portrayed by Jim Myers, 2014.

    CHARLOTTE CATHERINE "KATIE" HAHN WAGGONER (1864-1914). Buried in Troy Township Cemetery. portrayed by Karina Hahn-Clayon, 2014.

    SARAH ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" WALTERS (1855-1945). Buried in Beaver Creek Cemetery. portrayed by Darlene Mauk, 2014.

    BOBBIE BRADLEY (1927-1995). Buried in Union Hill Cemetery. portrayed by Garold Bradley, 2014.


    2013 [return to top of page]


    GUADALUPE CORTEZ (1926-2010). Buried in Maplewood Cemetery. portrayed by Reynaldo Cortez, 2013.

    HILDRETH DECK WOOD EGGLESTON (1903-1983). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Kay Hanneman, 2013.

    J.F. DECK (1861-1937). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Kraig Hanneman, 2013.

    SAMUEL DEWESE (1793-1876). Buried in Weston Cemetery. portrayed by Dan Billings, 2013.

    DR. ADAM EDDMON (1848-1914). Buried in Tontogany Cemetery. portrayed by Dale David, 2013.

    FRANCISCO CHAVEZ HERNANDEZ (1905-1968). Buried in Jerry City Cemetery. portrayed by Carlos Calderon, 2013.

    PEGGY HURST (1925-1998). Cremains buried at the Abington Friends Cemetery, Abington, PA. portrayed by Dana Nemeth, 2013.


    2012 [return to top of page]


    JAMES BELLEVILLE (1785-1861). Buried in Old Belleville RidgeCemetery. portrayed by Mike Belleville, 2012. BEST OF LIVING HISTORY 2016 portrayed by Mike Belleville

    NELLIE GARNER (1907-1994). Buried in Graham Cemetery. portrayed by Kathy Costic, 2012.

    PAUL JONES (1913-2005). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Tim Brown, 2012.

    GEORGE NELSON (1900-1979). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Durrell Johnson, 2012.

    ETHEL NELSON (1907-1996). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Joyce Johnson, 2012.

    RUTH PUTNAM (1906-1998). Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. portrayed by Donna Schuerman, 2012.

    LIBERTY WARNER (1842-1863). Buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery. portrayed by Garrett Benschoter, 2012.

    ELLIOTT WARNER (1844-1930). Buried in Ft. Meigs Cemetery. portrayed by Dylan Benschoter, 2012.


    2011 [return to top of page]


    LT. COL. ARNOLD McMAHAN (1835-1891) was a Civil War veteran. Buried in Ft. Meigs Cemetery. portrayed by Eric Reynolds, 2011.

    ELIZABETH FRY CRAWFORD (1893-1988), mother of 6 living children whose husband was killed in an accident and she raised her children by herself. Buried in Weaver Cemetery . portrayed by great-granddaughter Julie Seen, 2011.

    LEVI LOOMIS (1823-1836)m, one of first residents of Scotch Ridge. Buried in Webster Twp. Cemetery. portrayed by Peter Kuebeck, 2011.

    MARY M. FAST STOVE (1842-1914), wife of Civil War veteran. Buried in Weaver Cemetery. portrayed by Alyce Walden, 2011.

    FREDERICK SCHALLER (1837-1923), Civil War veteran. Buried in Ft. Meigs Cemetery. portrayed by Krisopher Swartz, 2011.

    NANCY PHILLIPS BREWSTER TRUMAN (1813-1911), Nancy was born in New York and came to live near Stony Ridge. She was married 3 times and had 5 children, 2 of which were Civil War veterans. Buried in Troy Twp, Cemetery. portrayed by Patti Speck, 2011.

    SIDNEY BREWSTER (1844-1863) enlisted in the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served under Col. Arnold McMahan. He was killed in the Battle of Chickamauga and is buried there. portrayed by Steve Speck, 2011.

    MARGARETA "MAGGIE" TYSON (1873-1951), operated a store/diner in a boxcar at Tysonville. Buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. portrayed by Shelley Lee, 2011.

    SAMUEL JOHN CROFT (1847-1938) was born in Perrysburg and at the age of 13 enlisted in the Civil War as a drummer boy. Johnnie lived until 1938 and had the distinction of being the area’s last Civil War veteran. Buried in Ft. Meigs Cemetery. portrayed by Caleb Reynolds, 2011.


    2010 [return to top of page]


    JUANITA BRONSON LEATHERS 1895-1963 Bloom Chapel Cemetery. Juanita was born in North Baltimore twelve days after the death of her father. In 1921, she married Park Leathers and became a farmers wife. portrayed by Lori Tretter, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery. Best of Living History 2017portrayed by Wendy Guion.

    PARK LEATHERS, SR. 1892-1938 Bloom Chapel Cemetery. Park was born on a farm near Bloomdale and after a year at Otterbein College helped his father on the farm. He enlisted and served in World War I. portrayed by Park Leathers, Jr., 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.Best of Living History 2017 portrayed by Keith Guion.

    BETTY RIGGS KIEBLER 1891-1980 Buried in California. Betty was born in West Virginia, took training to be a nurse in New York, before coming to Toledo and then Bowling Green. She owned and operated the Community Hospital. portrayed by Rae Thomson, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    NELLIE BROWN POWELL HOLDGRAF 1893-1988 Oak Grove Cemetery. Nellie was born in Bowling Green. She married “Doc” Powell and together they toured the vaudeville circuit as Powell & Nedra - Mosaics in Sand. After “Doc” died, she returned to Bowling Green. portrayed by Charlene Avery, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    WALTER HENRY EISENHOUR 1904-1991 Eisenhour Cemetery. Walter “Queek” was one of six children born in Freedom Township, and after graduation from high school, became involved in the automobile industry. portrayed by Jack Eisenhour, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    J. RUSSELL COFFEY 1898-2007 Oak Grove Cemetery. Russ was born in Crawford County and after completing his higher education became a teacher. He served in WWI before becoming a professor at BGSU. He retired from BGSU in 1968. He was also active in Boy Scouting and Rotary Club. portrayed by Richard Edwards, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery. Best of Living History 2017 portrayed by Richard Edwards.

    REBECCA WELLS ROSS 1854-1935 Oak Grove Cemetery. Rebecca Ross was born in Canada and at age 18 found herself in Bowling Green where she met and married Charles Ross and soon became involved in the hotel business. portrayed by Nadine Edwards, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    DR. ALBERT C. HENRY 1849-1921 Old Maplewood Cemetery. Albert Henry was a physician, businessman, and civic leader in North Baltimore from 1873 until his death in 1921. During his lifetime, Dr. Henry was known as a skilled surgeon and follower of the latest advances in medical science. portrayed by Thomas Boltz, 2010, Oak Grove Cemetery.


    2009 [return to top of page]


    John W. Huber 1894-1976 Bradner Cemetery. John was born in Portage Township and spent most of his adult life living and working at the Wood County Infirmary. portrayed by Gene Roe, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Rose Greiner Hunter 1889-1982 Oak Grove Cemetery. Rose was born in Bowling Green and received her education in the Bowling Green School system. She was a journalist for the Wood County Democrat and in later life, a seamstress. portrayed by Ethel Green, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Merl “Pete” Dauterman 1914-2003 Mt. Zion Cemetery. Pete was born in Portage Township, drove a school bus for 22 years, and was considered a community farmer - if anyone needed help, he was there. portrayed by Donald Coppes, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Marciene Amos Dauterman 1915-2008 Mt. Zion Cemetery. Marciene was born in Portage Township and Bowling Green State University in Food Service for 22 years. portrayed by Ruth Pierce, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Carroll Frank 1910-2000 Union Hill Cemetery. Carroll was born in Illinois before moving to Wood County and was known for his love of the 4-H Clubs and the Wood County Fair. portrayed by Joshua Frank, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Homer Frank 1911-2001 Union Hill Cemetery. Homer was one of 11 children. He later owned and operated a gas station and auto dealership. portrayed by David Creps, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Laura Borger Yohe Poe 1916-2001 Oak Grove Cemetery. Laura had 5 children with her first husband, and after his death, married Earl Poe who had 5 children of his own. Together they had 2 more children for a total of 12. portrayed by Ruth Steele, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    John H. Yohe 1913-1945 Oak Grove Cemetery. John’s parents died within a year of his graduation from Findlay College in 1933. He had to work to pay for his education. After college, he became a pastor, serving several small churches. portrayed by Samuel Yohe, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Harvey James Zeigler 1893-1977 Oak Grove Cemetery. Harvey was a farmer in Fulton County before entering the restaurant business in Bowling Green. portrayed by James Swigart, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Blanche Muir Zeigler 1894-1983 Oak Grove Cemetery. Blanche was born in rural Bowling Green and, in 1929 with her husband, bought the former Muir’s Collegian Restaurant and renamed it Harvey’s. portrayed by Virginia Meister, 2009, Oak Grove Cemetery.


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    Mary Maurer VonKanel, Elise VonKanel Stove, and Carrie VonKanel. Mary, along with Elise after the death of her husband Frederick, undertook the management of the VonKanel Jewelry Store. Carrie, after graduation from high school, went into nurses training. portrayed by Jan Larson and daughters Anna Erfman and Alexia Larson, 2008. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Albert Froney. Albert was born in Germany and came to America with his parents, settling in Elmore. He started his first business in Pemberville and later moved to Bowling Green and established A. Froney Department Store. portrayed by Dale Bruning, 2008. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Margaret O'Carroll Rider. Maggie was born in Toledo of Irish parents. She was active in the DAR (Daughters of the Revolution) and the Republican party and knew her representative and Senator on a first name basis. portrayed by Mary Brandeberry, 2008. Washington Township Cemetery.

    Benjamin Stone. Ben was by his account, a night watchman, marshall, and deputy sheriff in Luckey, Ohio. He was famous for his marksmanship. portrayed by Pat Mahood, 2008. Webster Township Cemetery.

    Caroline Miller Spoerl. Caroline was born in New York City and came to Wood County via the Orphan Train in 1881 when she was four years old. portrayed by Jodi Moughamian, 2008. St. Rose Cemetery.

    Leonard Davis. Leonard was born in Portage Township and attended the Portage Township Schools. After serving in WWII, he became a rural mail carrier and farmer. portrayed by William Sherman, 2008. Portage Cemetery.

    Troas Adams Dunn. After graduating from Bowling Green Normal College, Troas began her teaching career in a
    one-room school in Henry County. She was instrumental in setting up the program that became Wood Lane School.
    portrayed by Judy Reynolds, 2008. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Frederick W. Uhlman, Sr. Fred was a major force behind the establishment of Wood County Hospital. In 1961 was named “Outstanding Citizen” by the BG Chamber of Commerce. Owner of the Uhlman Stores. portrayed by Larry Nader, 2008. Weston Cemetery.

    Grace M. Millikin Uhlman. Grace was a trustee of First Presbyterian Church and founding member of the Woman’s Club of Bowling Green. She was mother of three children and often-accompanied Fred on buying trips for the store.
    portrayed by Gail Nader, 2008. Oak Weston Cemetery.


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    Mrs. Sarah Morse Gorrill will come to life in the form of Ellin Stoots, who lives in the home that Sarah’s husband built in Bowling Green.   Sarah and William Gorrill were married in 1833 and traveled to Ohio were they settled in Troy Township, Wood County.  Sarah became the first teacher in Troy Township, teaching in their cabin with 12 students. portrayed by Ellin Stoots, 2007: retired teacher, lives in house built by Sarah Gorrill's husband. Oak Grove Cemetery.
    portrayed by Dru Cunningham

    Patrick Crowley will portray his grandfather, Harry Murlin.  Harry was born in Neptune, Ohio and arrived in Bowling Green in 1917 when he was hired to teach industrial arts at Bowling Green High School.  Mr. Murlin later sold life insurance and was elected City Auditor from 1947 to 1951.  portrayed by Patrick Crowley, 2007: retired attorney, grandson of Harry Murlin. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Malinda Swanson Agler’s life was cut short when her husband murdered her in 1949.  Rebecca White-Schooner, Malinda’s niece, will relive her aunt’s troubled life as a battered housewife during a time when society turned a blind eye on such happenings. portrayed by Becky White-Schooner, 2007: partner of Inspired by Nature, great-niece of Malinda Agler. Union Hill Cemetery.

    His grandson, Jerry Loomis, will portray Jeremiah Carter of Carter Road and Carter Park fame.  Jeremiah was a Wood County native, orphaned at 6 years of age, went on to college, taught school and became part owner in a Lumber Mill.  portrayed by Jerry Loomis, 2007: retired systems programmer, great-grandson of Jeremiah Carter. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Their grandchildren Nadine Bechstein Musser and Carl Dierksheide will portray Jessie A. Pultz Bechstein and John H. Bechstein.  Jessie and John became proud parents of 13 children and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.  John was a farmer and a member of "The Threshing Ring" and Jessie his helpmate. portrayed by Nadine Bechstein-Musser and Carl Dierksheide, 2007. Nadine is a staff development coordinator and granddaughter of Jessie and John Bechstein. Carl is a mechanical engineer and part-time farmer, and the grandson of Jessie and John Bechstein. Weston Cemetery.
    portrayed by Nadine Bechstein-Musser and Carl Dierksheide

    Kim Glenn Thomas and Dan Glenn will portray Orma Schauweker Brigham and Joel Wynn Brigham.  Wynn became a partner with his father in the vegetable garden and greenhouse business and in 1920 with the help of Orma opened Brigham’s Flower Shop. portrayed by Kim Glenn Thomas and Dan Glenn, 2007. Kim is an author, wife, consultant, and mother of twins. She is the great-granddaughter of Orma and Joel Wynn Brigham. Dan is the owner and operator of a trucking business and is the great-grandson or Orma and Joel Wynn Brigham. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Ernest Nietzke spent 20 years in baseball as a pitcher and outfielder.  Ernie played professional baseball and in the 1921 and 1922 seasons was with the Boston Red Socks.  Andy Sattler has the honor of telling us of Ernie’s accomplishments in life. portrayed by Andy Sattler, 2007: 2007 high school graduate, active in FFA. Union Hill Cemetery.

    Simon Thomas was a member of the 24th Regiment of the Negro US Cavalry during the Civil War. Mr. Thomas started the first African Methodist Episcopal Church in Perrysburg. portrayed by Rev. Davis Booth, 2007: pastor of the Christian Community Church, Toledo, Ohio. Ft. Meigs Cemetery.


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    Ellen Cornelia Kelly Aultman was a farm wife and mother of nine children who wrote in a journal in 1901 and 1902. Ellen's journal give us a view of farm and family life in Wood County from the woman's point of view. Information was recorded about weather, crops, food, housekeeping, raising children, and dealing with adolescents. portrayed by Barbara Rothrock, 2006: owner of Calico, Sage and Thyme, a gift store located on Clay Street in Bowling Green. Fish Cemetery.

    Mina Tyson Bishop attended Bowling Green Normal College, became a teacher, trained to become a nurse, and joined the Army Nurses during WWI. Mina met Bryan Bishop, a wounded WWI soldier. When the war was over Mina and Bryan came to Wayne, OH and married. portrayed by lla Banbury, 2006: former registered nurse, teacher in Michigan public schools for 30 years, now retired. Niece of Mina Tyson Bishop. Mt. Zion Cemetery. Best of Living History 2017 portrayed by Dru Cunningham.

    Elmer Bowers was Service Safety Director for Bowling Green when he died. He worked in the A Froney & Company store, operated a dry cleaning establishment, and organized the Traffic Oil Company. He was an ardent Republican and served on City Council for several years. Elmer also administered food allotments and relief to citizens of Bowling Green during the depression. portrayed by William Shuler, 2006: owner of Avery Vault Company, worked at State Home Saving Bank, member of Exchange Club. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Lt. Wilson W. Brown was a Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. He along with 22 men of "Mitchell's ar Andrew's Raiders" were instrumental in capturing a railroad train at Big Shanty, GA. He was captured in 1862 after the raid, imprisoned, and escaped. portrayed by Rob Morgan, 2006: teacher, Bowling Green Junior High School. New Belleville Ridge Cemetery.

    Patrolman Ralph Castner was born in Bowling Green, Ohio. He was an outstanding football player for bowling Green High School. He graduated from Bowling Green State College, joined the Police Department in 1929, and was fatally shot in a "shoot out" with "Floyd" and William Milter, the "Baby Faced Killer." portrayed by Tom Brokam, 2006: retired Bowling Green City Police Officer (25 years), now working for Ohio B.C.I. as a criminal investigator. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Police Chief Galliher was born in Cattlesburg, KY. "Shorty" joined the Bowling Green Police Force in 1920. In 1931, he was involved in a well known "shoot out" with Charles Arthur, "Pretty Boy Floyd" alias Frank Mitchell, a notorious gangster of the day. portrayed by Gary Spencer, 2006: Chief of Police, City of Bowling Green. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Eliza Hampton was a survivor of a race of Pioneers who populated the wilderness of the Western Reserve. Her life-time homestead was north of Bowling Green on 60 acres on Mitchell Road. She was a woman of superior intelligence and excellent business capacity. Eliza managed a store for the Grange and later purchased it and ran it as her own business. portrayed by Ann Bowers, 2006: retired archivist working part-time at the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University. Granddaughter of Elmer Bowers. Union Hill Cemetery.

    Isaac Van Tassel II taught at the Mission School on the Maumee River. He and his wife, Martha, purchased government land in Milton Township, Wood County, raised their family, and lived there for 31 years. he served 15 years as Justice of the Peace. portrayed by Allen Kepke, 2006: retired theatre professor at Bowling Green State University. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    Martha Van Tassel was a Wood County pioneer. She was a student at Bell School and was taught by Mr. Isaac Van Tassel. Martha was the mother of eight children, five who grew to adulthood. portrayed by Joyce Kepke, 2006: retired administrator in Continuing Education at Bowling Green State University and Bowling Green Councilwoman for 20 years. Oak Grove Cemetery.


    2005 [return to top of page]


    MYRON L. CASE (1863-1923) was a graduate or Ohio Wesleyan University. Mr. Case began working at the Exchange Bank in Bowling Green. The great oil and gas boom then started and it led to his lifelong career in the glass industry. He helped found the Chamber of Commerce and participated in many civic activities. portrayed by Randy Brown, 2005: curator, Wood County Historical Center & Museum. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    EDWIN FARMER (1838-1904) served as superintendent of the Wood County Infirmary from 1878 until 1904. He and his wife Charlotte, were appointed by the infirmary board to oversee the infirmary affairs. Later his daughter Lottie and her husband, Frank Brandeberry were superintendent and matron of the facility. portrayed by John Eschedor, 2005, self-employed carpenter, great-great-grandson of Edwin Farmer. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    LYLE R. FLETCHER (1901-2001) had a varied career-climatologist, newspaperman, professor, historian. After his retirement from Bowling Green State University, he turned his attention to history. He is credited with saving the old Infirmary and turning it over to the Wood County Historical Society for a local history museum. portrayed by Ed Danziger, 2005, Professor of History at Bowling Green State University. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    ADELINE HALLECK (1869-1970) was the first librarian of the Bowling Green Public Library. She was a charter and member of the Shakespeare Roundtable, which is credited with starting the library. She had taught in the Bowling Green schools for 40 years. When the Bowling Green Woman's Club was founded in 1920, she became the its first recording secretary. She lived to be 101. portrayed by Deena Halleck, 2005, homemaker, married to Adeline Halleck's great-great-nephew. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    JOHN R. HANKEY (1843-1902) was a leading businessman as a tailor/clothing merchant in Bowling Green's early days. He began a lumber and planing mill business and built some of the local facilities such as the Exchange Bank, the old Opera House, and the Canastota Glass factory. He acquired much wealth in the gals boom. He had a substantial interest in the National Bank as a co-founder. portrayed by Eric Honneffer, 2005, Conservator for the Center for Archival Collections, Bowling Green State University. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    WILLIAM C. JORDAN (1887-1982) taught in the College of Education at Bowling Green State University for 33 years, but he felt that some of the happiest years of his life were during retirement. He composed music, took up water color painting, and rug hooking. He played the piano for the Kiwanis Club each week and wrote a songbook for Kiwanis. portrayed by Dorsey Sergent, 2005, retired pharmacist. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    ALEX KLEVER (1862-1945) came to the United States in 1880 and settled in Bowling Green in 1882. After working in the Von Kanel Jewelry Store, he opened his own jewelry Store on Wooster Street, and later with his sons Roy and Grant opened a store at 121 North Main Street. The Klever Jewelry business remains to this day. Mr. Klever was active in the affairs of the downtown businesses and helped found the Board of Trade. portrayed by Tom Bamburowski, 2005, attorney, court magistrate. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    DR. JOSEPH C. LINCOLN (1844-1926) was a physician, druggist, and banker in Bowling Green. After practicing in Iowa and Fostoria, he moved to Bowling Green in 1873. He was very active in civic affairs, serving as a Wood County Congressman and member of the Board of Education and city Council. He also was a director of the Wood County Savings Bank until his death. portrayed by John Dimick, 2005, factory supervisor, great-great-grandson of Dr. Lincoln. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    NELLIE A. REPASS (1876-1940) served for 32 years as matron and superintendent of the Children's Home in Bowling Green. She felt that she and her staff should try to make the children's residence at the home as comforting as possible. She took care of hundreds of children during her tenure at the Home. portrayed by Christie Weininger Raber, 2005, Director, Wood County Historical Center & Museum. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    SHORTY RITTENHOUSE (1890-1966) was a jack-of-all-trades: a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, and later a custodian and school bus driver. After purchasing a small piece of land in southeast Bowling Green, he and his wife bought an old street car, moved it to his lot, and made a home out of this streetcar for the family. portrayed by Larry Rittenhouse, 2005, native of Bowling Green, son of Shorty Rittenhouse. Oak Grove Cemetery.


    2004 [return to top of page]


    SOLON L. BOUGHTON (1827-1902) was one of Bowling Green's earliest citizens and businessmen, including founder of a glass factory during the oil and gas boom. Mr. Boughton also was active in civic affairs in the city. portrayed by Joe Terry, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    MINNIEBELLE CONLEY (1898-1984), a native of Bowling Green who lived all her life in a residence on West Wooster Street, was society editor of The Daily Sentinel-Tribune for 53 years. In later years she became interested in the humane treatment of animals. portrayed by Joan Gordon, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    MYRNA REECE HANNA (1878-1955) was the first woman to be elected to the General Assembly from Wood County. She was the joint author of the 1929 bill changing the status of the Bowling Green and Kent institutions from normal school to college. portrayed by Caryl Hanna McCormick, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    FLOYD FREDERICK (FRED) HOUSEHOLDER (1938-1989) Dr. Householder established an obstetrics/gynecology practice in Bowling Green during the 1970s. He loved sports, and when he came to Bowling Green, hockey became a passion. portrayed by Craig Householder, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    PEARL DISEL JUNE (1895-1961), a long-time resident of the city, was a homemaker who enjoyed raising her family in the community. She was the mother of Max and Freeman June, both businessmen in Bowling Green. portrayed by Suzi Saunders, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    MERLE W. KLOTZ (1913-2004) operated what came to be called Klotz Floral Gift & Garden Center for more than 60 years. The business, established in 1918, is one of the city's oldest enterprises. portrayed by Eric Klotz, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    EDWIN L. MOSELEY (1865-1948), probably the most widely known member of the original Bowling Green State University faculty, was primarily a biologist and naturalist. He was well known for his studies of tree rings as a means of determining weather cycles. portrayed by Leo A. Schifferli, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    BRUCE C. PRATT (1891-1975) joined the Wood County Sheriff's Department as a deputy in 1924 and was elected Sheriff in 193I, serving two terms. He hunted Pretty Boy Floyd, who had shot a local policeman, but never caught up with him. portrayed by Bruce Pratt IV, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.

    JOHN K. (JACK) RANEY (1890-199)7 was a well-known architect, having designed many of the buildings still standing today in Bowling Green: the Cla-Zel Theatre along with buildings on the BGSU campus. He also served 27 years in the Army and served in WWI. portrayed by David Chilson, 2004, Bowling Green State University. Oak Grove Cemetery. Best of Living History 2017 portrayed by David Chilson.

    JOHN C. WOOSTER (1825-1884) became the first mayor of Bowling Green in 1856, in an election held in his home and with 56 votes being cast. Wooster Street was named in his honor. portrayed by John Quinn, Mayor of Bowling Green, 2004. Oak Grove Cemetery.


    If you would like to participate as a researcher or portrayer,
    please call the Museum at 419-352-0967.

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