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Can you help us identify these objects from our collection?

Can you identify this object?

Can you identify this object?


What could this be?  A long time member of the Historical Museum has submitted to us an object that is a mystery of its own.  

This item is about 7 inches long with a looped metal end held in place by a machined metal bracket. On the reverse side of the bracket is stamped “PAT. NO. 1749442”.  There is also a tightening bracket with a screw for adjustment.

If this mystery item has not stumped you or if you want to test your theory about this item, contact the museum at 419-352-0967.  

Courtesy of Emily Snyder

Item courtesy of Herman & Eileen Aufdencamp

Can you identify this object?


This object was found with other items from the weights and measures collection. It is made of cast metal and consists of a round “dial” affixed with a lever that rotates parallel to the face of the “dial”. The “dial” is embossed with numbers 0, 5, 10, 15,…up to 95. There is a slot cast into the lever that fits over the number embossings. There is no stop on the “dial” as the lever will go around an infinite number of times. The back of the object is smooth with no markings. There are four holes in the cross members, possibly for attaching to another object. The “dial” is approximately 6-1/2 inches in diameter.

If this items looks familiar to you or if you have an idea as to its use or identification, please contact the museum at 419-352-0967.

Courtesy of Emily Snyder - JULY 2016

Can you identify this object?


Much like the Museum buildings, the collections are also “under construction.” Over the last nineteen months, I have been a volunteer at the Museum and have learned many things, but there are always some things that remain a mystery. One of the more puzzling mysteries is from the kitchen collection. The mystery item can be described as a clear glass jar, 3-1/2 inches in diameter, with a metal “chute” attached to the metal screw-top lid. Overall this item is 6-1/2 inches tall. Inside the “chute” are loosely fitted teeth attached to a small hand crank on the side that, when turned, turn the teeth inside the “chute.” The teeth are not fitted close enough to grind or cut and the gaps are large enough that smaller items in the “chute” would fall through into the jar.

If this item looks familiar or you know what this item is and/or is used for, contact the Museum at 419-352-0967 and let us know your thoughts.

Courtesy of Emily Snyder - APRIL 2016























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