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Utopia Exhibit 2020


A Visual Storytelling of Our Home


Tea & Talk: Palace in Knox County

May 9, 2019. Aubrey Brown, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, shares her passion for the poor farm system in her hometown of Knox County, Ohio. Homes for the poor stood as a model of self-reliance and community preservation.

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Tea & Talk: The Pleasures of the Journey: Passenger Ships Sailing the Great Lakes

December 6, 2018. Ellen Kennedy, Education Manager of The National Museum of the Great Lakes, talks about the growth of leisure time on the Great Lakes after WWI.

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Tea & Talk on Cigarette Culture of the 1920s & 30s

August 2018. Are you feeling LUCKY? Cigarette culture dominated advertising in the 1920s & 30s. Alyssa Kapelka looks at representation of gender, recreation, glamour, and cigarettes' overall allure.

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Tea & Talk on The Birth of Popular Music

June 2018. Advances in technology after World War I brought about big changes in music. Learn how it influenced our society’s social activities. Presented by Marnie Pratt, Wood County District Public Library, spoke at the Wood County Historical Society.

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Tea & Talk on The REAL Return to Normalcy

May 2018. The 1920s were far from roaring when President Warren G. Harding was asked to pave the way from wartime to peacetime. Sherry Hall, Director of the Warren G. Harding Home.

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Tea & Talk on Margaret Lehmann

November 2017. Hal Brown, a lifelong resident of Wood County with 42 years as a reporter and editor for the Sentinel-Tribune, shares the story of WWI Red Cross nurse Margaret Lehmann, and her first-hand accounts of early WWI abroad.

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Tea & Talk on Shattered Glass

September 2017. World War I brought destruction to many Cathedrals and Churches across the European landscape during intense repeated bombing and shelling. Andrea Knight from Bigelow Glass in Findlay OH, discussed the damage and rebuilding to some of the greats such as Rheims and Notre Dame with a focus on the stained glass.

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Awards & Accolades

Utopia Exhibit 2020


    EXHIBIT: For Comfort & Convenience: Public Charity in Ohio By Way of the Poor Farm
  • American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) Award of Excellence winner by the Leadership in History Awards Committee (2020)
  • Ohio State Historic Preservation Award for Public Education and Awareness (2019)
  • Ohio Museums Association Best Exhibition (under $500,000) Award (2019)
  • Ohio Local History Alliance Outstanding Achievement Award (2019)

    EXHIBIT: Lunatic House & History of Mental Health
  • Ohio Association of Historical Societies & Museums Award of Excellence (2004, 2009)

  • BG Community Foundation Grant for Educational Adult Talks (2018, 2016)

    Preservation for Generations - Collections Storage Project
  • Ohio History Connection Ohio History Fund (2018)

    EXHIBIT: Over There, Send Word, the Wood County Boys Are Coming, WWI 1914-1918
  • Ohio Local History Alliance Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Local History in Ohio Award (2017)

    EXHIBIT: Be Your Own Museum: Our Community's Collections
  • Ohio Local History Alliance Outstanding Achievement Award (2016)

    EXHIBIT: Asylum - Photography exhibit by Chris Payne
  • Ohio Museums Association Best Community Partnership Award (2015)
  • Ohio Local History Alliance History Outreach Achievement Award (2014)

    Wood County Historical Society
  • Wood Soil & Water Conservation District Friend of the District Award (2014)
  • BGSU Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Award (2011)
  • Hancock Wood Electric Grant - Grounds Lighting Project (2010)
  • 4-H Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Award (2009)

    Infirmary Inmates Vintage Base Ball
  • Henry Wright Award (2013)

    Culinary Tourism Trail
  • Xerox Calendar Selection and Printing Award (2009)

    Wood County Driving Tour (audio CD)
  • Ohio Museums Association Award of Institutional Excellence (2007)