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Join us at the Top of the Stairs - donte today
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Alfred & Amy Farmer
Alfred & Amy Farmer celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the Infirmary. Read their accessibility story HERE.

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The Wood County Historical Society invites you to join us at the top of the stairs as we strive to make the Historical Museum accessible to everyone.


The History
The Wood County Infirmary (now the Wood County Museum) was abandoned as the county home in the 1970s due in-part to the structure’s limitations for those with physical disabilities.


The Future
With support from the State of Ohio's capital funds and the Wood County Commissioners, the Society will install an elevator and other accessibilty amenities in 2016.


We are so excited to work with Gathered Glass to offer our members a keepsake plaque to honor the Accessibility Project and the Historical Society. These beautiful glass plaques will mimic the donor wall plaques, but commemoratively inscribed for just $75.00, with $25 being donated towards the Accessibility Project. Plaqes are 5.5" wide x 6.75" tall and are sold clear glass. Orders are due by November 1 by calling the Museum at 419-352-0967 and will be available for pick-up in December just before the holidays.

Or you can pay for your keepsake plaque online using your credit card or PayPal's secure server:



Join us at the Top of the Stairs - donte today

You Can Help
State and County financial support covers only 60% of the 1.2 million-dollar project. A financial contribution from our community supporters is needed to make this necessary improvement.

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The Wood County Historical Society is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code for 1984, as amended.  In accordance with IRS regulations, no goods or services were provided by the WCHS as part of this contribution.  Please consult your tax adviser regarding the charitable deduction involved in this transaction and the manner of reporting and substantiating the gift.




Community Dedication Thank you

A Wood County Historical Society membership survey conducted in 2011 found the number one criticism of the museum was lack of handicap accessibility. A strategic plan survey in 2014 of members and friends found the top capital improvement project desired was making the building ADA accessible.

To date, we have raised just over $900,000 of our 1.2 million dollar goal,
but we still have another $300,000 to go! Please consider a donation today!

Museum Arch

Donations at the $250 and above level will be recognized on a special donor plaque.


Accessibility Fundraising Status

Many thanks to State Senator Randy Gardner, State Representative Tim Brown, and the Board of Wood County Commissioners, Jim Carter, Doris Herringshaw, and Joel Kuhlman, for their support in the Society’s request of state funds.


Accessibility Donor List
as of June 2017

The Accessibility Committee: Judy Ennis (Chair, WCHS Board of Trustees), Julie Baumgardner (Wood County Recorder, WCHS Member), Dolores A. Black (WCHS Member), Elizabeth Bostdorff (WCHS Member), Elizabeth Geer-Fry (WCHS Member), Debra Nicholson (WCHS Member), Denise Niese (Wood County Committee on Aging), Melanie Stretchbery (Wood Lane Superintendent), Irma Wolf (WCHS Board of Trustees), Kelsey Kleine (WCHS Development Coordinator), Kelli Kling (Museum Marketing), and Dana Nemeth (Museum Director).

The Board of the Wood County Historical Society: Nancy Buchanan, Dick Conrad, Joyce Coutinho, Dru Cunningham, Judy Ennis, Mark Hollenbaugh, Jean Ladd, Rebecca Mancuso, Neil Munger, Michael Penrod, Jim Philo, George Stossel, Joann Ward, Becky White-Schooner, Irma Wolf.


DECEMBER 2016 - THE ELEVATOR IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! | State and County Inspections Completed.

NOVEMBER 2016 - Awaiting new lighting to meet inspection requirements.

OCTOBER 2016 - ThyssenKrupp implemented new software programming for elevator safety | Fire extinguisher installed | Key updates pending

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Lighting added to first floor office | 2nd floor restrooms operational | Installation of Donor Wall track lighting, elevator heat sensor, and ADA parking signage. | Awaiting final inspection for plumbing, electrical, and elevator!

JULY 2016 - Driveway and Bus Access in-progress | Work continues on elevator installation and handicap restrooms | ramping and stained glass installed.

JUNE 2016 -
JUNE 24 - Painter and Flooring contractors on-site | Excavation started for drives & handicap parking | Setting Porch windows | Elevator installation on doors and masonry.

JUNE 20 - Elevator installation begins! | Flooring and painting in ramped areas complete this week. | Porch area and roof framing in progress.

MAY 2016 - Basement sewer lines installed. | Mason work complete | Elevator shaft construction continues | Tile in progress for 2nd floor restrooms | Driveway considerations in progress to handle bus access.
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None at this time.





Elder_Beerman Community Days 2016
November 9-12, 2016

J.D Pooley Exhibit Opening & Reception
Friday, June 24
6:30-8:30 PM
Wood County Historical Museum,
First Floor Gallery space.

Each piece in the exhibit is for sale, and is a unique print from a Sentinel-Tribune original negative or digital file. 80% of proceeds raised from the sale of these prints will be donated to the BG Schools Foundation, with the remaining 20% donated to the Wood County Historical Society Accessibility Project. [more]


Buy a Klotz Gift Card and support the Historical SocietyA proceed from every $25 Klotz Gift Card sold was donated to the Accessibility Project.

Saturday, June 4, 2016
100% of proceeds from the donation-admission performance was donated to the Accessibility Project [more]

Tuesday, June 14
Thank you to SWIG, Belleville's, and Pioneer Packing for your food donation, and to the County employees who helped raised $2,000 towards the Accessibilty Project [see photos from 2015]


APRIL 2016 - Meeting room and first-floor restrooms complete and open for business! | Elevator shaft construction continues | Work begins on 2nd floor restooms | ramping improvements

Max & Erma'sDINE to DONATE

Monday, March 14, 2016 - Present THIS COUPON to your server at the Levis Commons Max & Erma's and a percentage of your food sales will be donated back to the Wood County Historical Society Accessibility Project.

1210 Levis Commons Blvd. Perrysburg
419-931-0220. Carry-out or eat-in. Must present coupon.

Elder_Beerman Community Days 2016
Elder-Beerman Community Days Booklets are on sale for $5 each now through February 24th. Booklets, which contain numerous coupons and a tiered shopping pass, can be redeemed at Bon-ton Stores, including any Elder-Beerman, February 26th & 27th, 2016. WCHS keeps 100% of each $5 sale, and the more booklets we sell, Elder-Beerman will give us an extra incentive.

JANUARY 2016 - Basement sewer lines installed. | Finishings decided (mirrors, faucet handles, etc.) | Continue to find mysteries underground. | Elevator ordered; will install late May. | Cistern found and evaluated by archeologist.

January 29, 2016 - Kick-off event for Collections Exhibit and Accessibility Project.

Interactive Theatre fundraiserDecember 9, 2015 - BGHS Social Issues Theatre Class presentation & fundraiser, BG Schools Performing Arts Center Lobby

November 11-14, 2015 - Elder Beerman Community Day fundraiser$636 raised on behalf of the Historical Society. Thank you for supporting the Historical Society!

November 2015 - Pre-construction meeting scheduled.

October 2015 - Commissioners award contract to Focht Construction. Goals set: March 1: Interior work, restrooms, and meeting room; May 3: Elevator and associated building work; May 22: Site work.

Bob EvansOctober 5, 2015 - Thank you Easy Street Cafe Bowling Green and our supportive community for dining out to raise $100 for the Accessibility Project.

September 2015 - Director receives final copy of archeological survey report from Mannik & Smith. New flooring is installed in Museum. Asbestos abatement report added to spec book. Architect reviews fixtures and hardware finishes with Curator and Director. Final drawings and spec book delivered to County and Director. County commissioners approve advertising for bids on the Accessibility Project. Notice to Bidders advertisement published in The Sentinel-Tribune on Sept. 18; estimated amount listed as $887,194. Bids are due Oct. 15.

Oasis RestaurantsSeptember 14, 2015 - Thank you Oasis Restaurants and our supportive community for dining or ordering out to raise money for the Accessibility Project.

August 2015 - SHPO receive revised archeological survey report; County & Director receive revised construction drawings and spec book from The Collaborative, reflecting alternates & other requested edits. Roles in bid process are clarified with architect and county. County receives countersigned Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) contract. County maintenance requests several changes in spec book to The Collaborative. Director receives SHPO approval; caveat that museum provides archeological monitoring during any ground disturbance activity during construction project; Director shares SHPO letter with Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Museum receives estimate for flooring for rooms that had asbestos tile removed. Society Board approves to purchase flooring that was not included in the budget. County and museum staff provided feedback to architect on spec book and revised construction drawings. Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Controlling Board approves project on 8/24.

Bob EvansAugust 17, 2015 - Thank you Bob Evans Bowling Green and our supportive community for dining out to raise money for the Accessibility Project.

July 2015 - Read the Director's article in the Summer 2015 Chanticleer newsletter for the 'behind-the-scenes' at the museum today. SHPO requests revisions to archeological report. Midwest Environments conducts asbestos abatement. Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) updates to insurance coverage. Collaborative requests AIA guidelines. New flooring selected. Reconsideration of the bidding process.

Max & Erma'sJuly 20, 2015 - Thank you Max & Erma's Perrysburg and our supportive community for dining out to raise $198.55 for the Accessibility Project.

June, 2015
County releases PO for Midwest Environmental for asbestos abatement, Soil Boring Test review, Facilities & Properties meeting. ADA parking compliance review. Added footer to accommodate elevator vestibule. SHPO request design revisions. June 4, 2015: We completed the drawing review with the architect this week and are now waiting on the plan specifications. I estimate at least several weeks before the drawings are complete for bidding. During our meeting it was determined to do a soil bore for the elevator pit to assure we do not run into rock during the construction phase. This is being coordinated with a testing lab and the commissioners office.

May 2015
Archeological survey report sumbitted to Director and SHPO. Habitec and building inspector determine code request. Bid docuemtns requirements. Estimage for asbestos abatement. Elevator phone line estimate. Facilities & Properties committee reviews floor plans. Updated projected construction cost estimates. Elevations sent to SHPO for review. May 28, 2015: The overall site plan has been approved by the commissioners and the final set of drawings are in the review process. We are meeting with the architect June 1 to review, which we estimate several weeks before the drawings are complete for bidding purposes. No specifications have been submitted for review yet. May 13, 2015: The overall site plan has been approved by the commissioners and the final set of drawings are in the review process. Our review should be complete within the next week. Awaiting report from the state level concerning the findings of the archeological dig preformed last month.

April 2015
Elevator details including power convertor and equipment room. Progress on finishes. County engineer's office submits topographic survey to Collaborative; delays due to snow. Habitec Security review. Grant submitted to Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. April 29, 2015: The archeological dig has been completed and report filed. The architect should have drawings for final review within the next week. There are a number of changes to make on the drawings and quite a few details that will need defined. April 16, 2015: Preliminary drawings have been reviewed and returned to the Architect with a number of changes to make and quite a few details that will need defined before another set of drawings are available to review. This week the archeological dig/survey has begun. The completion of this process will be based on their findings.

March 2015
Collaborative requests hazrdous materials survey. 3-phase power recommendation and drawings. Progress on phone lines. Hancock-Wood and BG's electrical engineers review 3-phase power. Hazardous materilas survey. County Maintenance discussion on heating restrooms with gas versus electric. March 18, 2015: Final layout drawings have been reviewed with the architect and the detailed design phase is moving forward. Several visits have been made by the mechanical design staff and drawings are nearing completion. It was decided to move forward with a single prime contract that included the elevator equipment rather than bid it separately to improve the completion schedule. It was also decided to do the engineering and request alternates in the bid for single and three phase power. Midwest Environmental is meeting with our staff today to address any asbestos and lead paint issues prior to awarding the project. March 9, 2015: Budget and project details expected this week. "Three-phase" power considerations to run the elevator. Plans to rebuild back porch around elevator. Topographical survey and Hazmat survey to be completed soon.

February 2015
Contract submitted to County prosecutor, Board of County Commissioners, and the Collaborative. Architect meets with zoning inspector. Finishes discussed between Curator and Collaborative's interior designer. County Engineer agrees to do topographical survey. Section 106 review application to SHPO. February 24, 2015: The detailed design phase is moving forward. The architect met with Wood County Building Inspection and received preliminary approval of the initial layout drawings. We have not yet seen the final site layout showing the items external to the building that will be addressed as part of the project. February 18, 2015: Final layout drawings have been reviewed with the architect. Many interior items such as flooring, doors, paint colors, trim and hardware still remain undetermined. Preliminary mechanical and architectural design can begin. The County engineers office will be assisting with the topographic survey to reduce some of the project costs.

January 2015
Holiday decorations, artifacts, and supplies re-located from area impaced by construction projects. Identified needs: topographical survey, elevator detaiils, additional phone lines, zoning, Ohio code for ADA restrooms. Requirements for Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) grant identified. Contract details discussed for The Collaborative and the County.