Candidate Biographies 

Dale David

Dale serves as an elections administrator for Wood County and he a big fan of the “hands on” history of exhibits and historical reenactments. Dale sees working as a WCHS Board Trustee not only as an unique opportunity to expand his knowledge of Wood County history, but more importantly, to make sure that knowledge of local history is shared. No stranger to non-profit organizations, Dale is a past president of the Tiffin Developmental Center Parent Volunteer Association, as well current president of the Gleaner Portage Center Arbor #524.

Roger Grant

Roger is a retired educational administrator who has worked at a number of universities, including the University of Washington and BGSU, and has extensive experience in higher education. Roger feels fortunate to call Wood County home and believes that serving as a WCHS Board Trustee is an opportunity share his life experiences in giving back to his local community, especially to promote its historical significance in regional, state, and national developments. Previously, Roger has served on many professional and civic organizations, including as president of the Bowling Green Exchange Club.

Dave Hollinger

Dave is running for a second term on the WCHS Board of Trustees. As a retired financial advisor, Dave has served on the Finance Committee during his time as Trustee. Even prior to his Board position, Dave was a familiar face at the museum as a weekly front desk greeter and tour guide—volunteer roles he continues to thoroughly enjoy. A self-described “people person,” Dave also serves on the St. Mark’s Lutheran church council and is passionate about preserving the museum for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Brenda Ransom

Brenda is running for a second term on the WCHS Board of Trustees. Professionally, she has served as the Wood County Records Manager for over twenty years. Brenda’s interest in history stems from the master’s degree in American Culture Studies which she received from BGSU, as well as her prior experience working as both a volunteer and an employee at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums in Fremont. Currently, Brenda is the secretary for the Board of Trustees and serves on the Executive Committee.

Todd Waggoner

Todd is a retired professor and associate dean from BGSU. Although he has traveled to five of the seven continents, Todd is a native-son of Wood County, whose family’s history in the county dates back to the Civil War era. A local history buff, Todd wants to ensure the stories of figures like Bob Evans, John Dillinger, and Pretty Boy Floyd and their connection to Wood County is more widely known. Todd also enjoys working with his hands and utilizing the group dynamic skills honed during his academia days.