The Wood County Museum was the former Wood County Infirmary, or “County Home.” The West Wing was built with Italianate influence in 1868 for $4,975.00, and used as the quarters for the Superintendent and Matron of the Infirmary. The west attic was added in 1873, followed by the Center and East Wings in the 1880s. Due to safety concerns, these two wings were demolished and rebuilt in 1898 and include a 2-story wooden porch and railings with a unique geometric design. In 1903, the front porch was added to the West wing for residents and staff to enjoy the beautiful grounds. All three wings rest on high, rough hewn limestone foundations.

After 103 years, the Infirmary closed in 1971 when a new County Infirmary (known today as WoodHaven Health Care) opened nearby. In 1972, the Wood County Park Commission and Historical Society became proprietors of the grounds and buildings. The Museum opened in 1975 as the recognized guardian of Wood County’s historical development.

The Museum is open to the public daily for self-guided tours and special events.


The 50-acre museum grounds are open to the public daily 8 AM until 30 minutes past sunset and are maintained by the Wood County Park District. We welcome guests to walk the grounds and enjoy the beautiful natural and historic sights.



Many of the trees and shrubs on the property were planted under the direction of Lyle Fletcher. An online guide is available that outlines the tree’s scientific name, common name, and comments about identifying features and uses.

The arboretum is dedicated to Lyle Fletcher (1901 – 2001) – reporter, editor, meteorologist, author, professor, and Wood County historian. His prolific career included saving the Wood County Infirmary (now the Museum) from demolition in the early 1970s.


A portion of the grounds is named for early Wood County pioneer Adam Phillips, who lived on the land from 1832-1854 (prior to it becoming the Infirmary in 1869). In the Pioneer Scrap-Book,Charles Evers wrote: “Phillips at once took a leading part in all improvements in the settlement; at every cabin raising or road chopping he was on hand and did his part well.”

The Park District also maintains the Adam Phillips Pond for bank fishing. The pond is located on Gypsy Lane Road behind the Wood County Justice Center Complex.


The Wood County Park District operates a public Archery Range on the Historical Center Grounds. The range is not, however, accessible from County Home Road due to the Linwood walking bridge. See the Park District website for directions from Rt. 6.


There are two walking trails on the site. One starts at the Herb Garden and opens up by the Oil Derrick (short walk) or by the Log Cabin (long walk). The second trail can be entered near the Linwood Road Walking Bridge and circles around the south end of the property.