The board of the Wood County Historical Society consists of 15 members: three appointed by the Board of Wood County Commissioners, two appointed by the Wood County Park District, and ten elected by the membership annually. Each member serves one three-year term, not to exceed two consecutive terms. Board members are expected to attend a monthly board meeting (held at 6 PM on the third Thursday of each month), serve on a Society committee, and support the Society financially.

Join the Board

Complete a Board Application and submit at any time.

2021 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Michael Sibbersen (19-21) – President/Commissioners appointee

Hal Brown (17-19, 20-22) – Vice-president

Michele Raine (19-21) – Secretary

Frank Butwin (18-20, 21-23) – Treasurer/Park District Appointee

Board Members

Julie Baumgardner (21-23) – Commissioners Appointee

Lois Bowlus (21-23)

Gordon Bowman (20-22) – Commissioners Appointee

Denise Brennan (20-22)

Biff Geer (16-18, 19-21)

Sandy Gill (19-20, 21-23)

Corinne Gordon (20-22) – Park District Appointee

Scott Gross (21-23)

David Hollinger (21-23)

Becky Mancuso (21-23)

Brenda Ransom (21-22)

Society Committees

The Wood County Historical Society has several committees and sub-committees to help with operations, fundraising, and event planning. The committees are open to board members as well as Society members.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee
Michael Sibbersen (president)
Hal Brown (vice-president)
Michele Raine (secretary)
Frank Butwin (treasurer)

Auditing Committee
Denny Nemec (chair)
Denise Niese
George Stossel
Frank Butwin (Society Treasurer)
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)
Kelly LaPlante (bookkeeper)

Collections Committee
Hal Brown (chair)
Millie Broka
Corinne Gordon
Dana Nemeth
Nick Pavlik
Marnie Pratt
Irma Wolf
Holly Kirkendall (staff liaison)

Facilities & Property Committee
Neil Munger (chair)
Steve Blausey (County Maintenance)
Rob Brian (Park District)
Hal Brown
Scott Gross
Dave Hollinger
Nick Wallace (County Maintenance)
Bob Willman
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)

Finance & Development Committee
Frank Butwin (chair)
Gordon Bowman
Biff Geer
Corinne Gordon
Denny Nemec
Matt Oestreich
Colleen Smith
Michael Sibbersen (ex-officio)
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)

Nominating Committee
Denise Brennan (chair)
Lois Bowlus
Gordon Bowman
Holly Ryder
Julie Baumgardner
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)

Sub & Ad-Hoc Committees

Biff Geer (chair)
Michele Raine
Sandy Gill
Becky Mancuso
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)

Event – Living History
Millie Broka (chair)
Hal Brown
Keith Guion
Wendy Guion
Holly (Hartlerode) Kirkendall (staff liaison)
Marissa Muniz (staff liaison)

Event – Gala Fundraiser
Sandy Kerr
Lois Bowlus
Carmen Cano
Joyce Coutinho
Marissa Muniz (staff liaison)

Hal Brown (chair)
Frank Butwin
Corinne Gordon
Denise Brennan
Brenda Ransom
Kelli Kling (staff liaison)

A board election is held each November. All members in good standing can vote in the election.

At any time, if you would like to be considered for the Board of the Wood County Historical Society, print and submit this application to:

Wood County Museum
attn. Nominating Committee
13660 County Home Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

or e-mail this application to:

To be considered as a Wood County Park District appointee, contact the Park District at 419-353-1897 for more information.

To be considered as a Wood County Board of County Commissioners appointee, click the button below.