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Donations to the Society allow us to offer free off-site talks, discounted school tours, and the creation of award-winning exhibits that spark creativity and conversation. The museum offers a place to engage visitors, students, and community members in conversations about our past and how it relates to what we know today.

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What Visitors are Saying

An amazing, awe-inspiring experience! It felt a little like going back in time. For all those who donated their memories and their time, thank you so much!
-Melissa, Toledo Ohio

This is where we got married, now we come back for the fun events with our daughter. She especially loves the herb garden!
-Carrie, recent visitor

A walk through memory lane for older adults and an education for younger ones.
-Shirley, Haskins, Ohio

I visited to see the exhibit on the county homes from all 88 counties in Ohio and their history. Since this museum used to be a county home, it was the perfect venue for this. I have visited before so I wasn’t surprised at how well done the exhibition was. The staff was very friendly and informative.
-Linda, recent visitor

Best ‘Tea’ I have ever been to! Highly recommend the Historical Museum for a family visit too. Informative and enjoyable.
-LouAnn, tea & talk attendee